Done Distro Hopping Finally

I’ve been distro hopping a while and dual booting Windows with Ubuntu based distros. I never really felt comfortable and never really found a distro that works well on my hardware. Last week I decided to give up on Ubuntu based distros and try something else. What did I chose? Well, Fedora’s KDE spin.

WHAT? Why Fedora? Isn’t that bleeding edge? Isn’t that unstable? Why didn’t you chose something like Arch?

Well, Fedora does have the latest of everything. It’s actually very stable. In fact, Fedora is the most stable system I’ve used and is also the fastest. I didn’t chose Arch or something like Solus because I just wasn’t able to imagine myself using them as my daily driver. Speaking of daily driver, I wiped Windows off of my system intentionally for the first time and installed Fedora.

So I have Fedora now and am very happy with it.

Screenshot of my KDE desktop. I use GNOME now though.